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Our publishing house creates interactive stories for children aged 3 to 10 and enriched with fun and educational mini-games. Our applications – our, er, “Apps” – are interactive digital books with sound and animation. You guessed it! We are a team of youth-specialized professionals intent on providing the very best for your children. All our book apps can be purchased on the App Store and are compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Lulu in the Amazon is available on tne Amazon Market for Kindle.

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To celebrate Zanzibook’s second birthday, we made a beautiful birthday cake. But we didn’t want to celebrate our second birthday without you, so we did even more! The big news is that you now have everything you need for your child’s next birthday party. Print out our free unisex do-it-yourself birthday party kit!!!
What a delight for our children, setting off to relive the travels of the Little Coin in these two print-out coloring pages! If you aren’t familiar with the story, it’s perfect time to get acquainted, because this Little Coin is one of a kind. What’s more...
Add a touch of whimsical color to your tablet, your computer, your smartphone! Download one of these cheerful wallpapers.
Paris or New York atmosphere ! Add a touch of whimsical color to your tablet, your computer, your smartphone! Download one of these cheerful wallpapers.
A 30 seconds karaoke animated movie to sing along and dance to with your kids, guaranteed fun!
What or who is La Vahiné? A vahiné, or “wahine” in English, is a Tahitian woman, an iconic European image of a Polynesian legend. And we’re giving you our own wahine, a real song for kids from the Pacific with an animated karaoke video to sing and dance to.
It’s time to make dinner and you need to keep your little one(s) busy in the meantime! Zanzibook knows just the trick! Download and print out these coloring pages and every fussy, fidgety child instantly becomes a happy, captivated artist. It’s win-win for the whole family!

Everyone’s familiar with puzzles. But the one we have for you here has a whole new dimension...
It’s time for a challenge! With this free game for kids online, parents and kids alike can have loads of fun! Help Lulu aim for the targets, choose training mode, and then take part in a competition with the family or challenge your skills on your own. This game hits the bull’s-eye for fun!
What kid doesn’t love to dress up? Do you know any? We sure don’t!!!
And because we love kids, we’re giving our young readers the chance to dress up with free animal masks for kids –this one’s a cat!
Here’s a maze to print out to help our young readers learn to place themselves in space, grasp the concepts of a starting point and finish line, orient themselves in a limited space, and find the solution to a given problem. Their mission: help Zazou find Lulu!
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