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Free Lulu and Zazou do-it-yourself birthday party kit


To celebrate Zanzibook’s second birthday, we made a beautiful birthday cake. But we didn’t want to celebrate our second birthday without you, so we did even more! The big news is that you now have everything you need for your child’s next birthday party. Print out our free unisex do-it-yourself birthday party kit!!!

We’re giving you a do-it-yourself birthday party on the theme of the three adventures of Lulu and Zazou.

Choose from the Feathers theme, taken from our Lulu in the Amazon application, the Flowers theme, inspired by Lulu in Polynesia, or the Pointillist theme, inspired by the adventures of Lulu and Zazou in Australia.

We think it’s a good idea to mix and match the three themes for boys and girls alike.

All you need to use this do-it-yourself birthday party kit are a printer, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a string for the garland. Simple, pretty, useful, practical...and it makes kids happy!

What the kit really looks like:
A big thank you to Laurence Guenoun for all these beautiful pictures.

Nametags for writing names on the party goodies, the straws, the table...

★ Straw tags, with names or pictures.

Two-sided toothpick tags. Handy for marshmallows, cupcakes...or to personalize your birthday cake!


A garland, the perfect festive touch

Invitations, three styles to choose from.

Print, cut out, sometimes glue, and smile!!! It’s all done!

Presentation of print-out kit:

Choose the items you want to use and print what you need. To do this, click on the images you want and print as many copies as needed.
Clicking on the image also lets you enlarge the visual to see it better!

The do-it-yourself birthday party kit includes:
✓ 3 placemat styles
✓ 1 garland
✓ toothpick tags
✓ straw tags
✓ invitations
✓ tags to put first names on the party goodies, straws, the table...


Party invitations – two-sided, 3 per page.


Tags for toothpicks and all other decorations - be creative!
For toothpicks, we suggest you make two-sided tags. Only cut two horizontal strips and three vertical strips, which makes 6 two-sided decorations. Um, is that clear?


Print two flags per page.
Cut out each flag. Fold in half. Place glue on one side. Slide the string into the fold. Glue the two sides together. And that’s that! Do the same for the other flags, spacing them 10 cm (4 inches) apart.

Three placemat styles to choose from. Print, place on the table, and now it’s prettily decorated!

★ Nametags
Perfect for putting names on party goodies, glasses, straws, table place-cards...


And now you’re all ready to just be the most wonderful moms and dads! Send us photos of your do-it-yourself birthday party and we’ll publish them on our Pinterest page.
And if your child isn’t yet lucky enough to have all the Lulu & Zazou adventures, our interactive digital books for iPad, iPhone, and Android and available for kids ages 3-10 on the App Store and Google Play, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Your child will love this extra surprise for his or her birthday!


 Happy Birthday!

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