Kids songs videos: Vahiné

What or who is La Vahiné? A vahiné, or “wahine” in English, is a Tahitian woman, an iconic European image of a Polynesian legend. And we’re giving you our own wahine, a real song for kids from the Pacific with an animated karaoke video to sing and dance to.

Song for kids: La Vahiné is an original, musical nursery rhyme from the Pacific that David Herschel has adapted just for you. This song is from our Lulu in Polynesia application.

Fun fact: This song for kids is known throughout the Pacific. Everyone there grew up with it: Polynesians, Samoans, Cook Islanders, New Zealanders...and now you sing it, too!

Tip: Songs for kids encourage language acquisition, learning of new words, physical mobility, etc. Singing associates the voice with a range of sensations: auditive, visual and tactile. Perfect!!! You’re on the right page.

You sang well! Now play! Download the complete app here:

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