Animal masks for kids: Zazou the Cat!


What kid doesn’t love to dress up? Do you know any? We sure don’t!!!
And because we love kids, we’re giving our young readers
the chance to dress up with free animal masks for kids –this one’s a cat!
This mask for kids is super-easy to make! And remember, this isn’t just any cat – it’s Zazou, the food-loving, adventurous creature who is friend to Lulu and all young globetrotters.

You can print out this mask right now, cut it out from the page, poke two holes in it for eyes, and you’re done! It’s the cat’s meow!


- Adjust the print-out size depending on the child’s age. Our young models here are 4 and 6 years old and the mask was printed at 70%.
- Print
on heavy paper. The paper we used here is 170g and works very well.
- You can use either scissors or a cutter.
- If you don’t have an elastic band, the mask can be attached with string, as well.

Conclusion: Now it’s easy for you to bring joy and laughter to the kids in your life!

Click the cat and print :

Sharing our animal masks for kids makes for twice as many happy kids.
Have fun, little kitties! And feel free to send us photos of you playing with your mask – we’ll post them here on this page!

Thanks to @laurenceguenoun for the photos and to our models, Andréa and Bibi, for joining in the fun and laughter!

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