Zanzibook applications: Books as entertaining to 3-year-olds as 10-year-olds



 If someone says a book is “for children ages 3 to 10,” something’s not quite right: How can a child of three, who loves stacking cubes, enjoy the same cultural product that a 10-year-old has already been reading on his own for years?
In the tradition of Playmobil, KEVA planks, and Where’s Waldo, each Lulu & Zazou book appeals to a wide age group. Why? Because the story is filled with fun and fascinating detail!

A reading experience that adapts to different ages

While younger readers click to see everything that is happening on the page, older children listen to the dialogue in its entirety.
Lulu’s voice is not cutesy or babyish, and the vocabulary is broad and interesting. Showing a child you know he or she understands is a way of showing respect.
The humor, though not necessarily grasped in the first reading by the littlest ones, makes bigger kids laugh out loud and they come back again and again for the smiles.
The musical rhymes inspire kids of all ages to sing along.
The games are multilevel or progressive.
The drawings illustrate the characteristics of each country. They vary greatly from one page to the next. They pique the curiosity of older kids and dazzle young ones with their delicious colors.
Both language versions are easy find. Readers can switch from French to English in two clicks. Children who are learning English at school like to move back and forth between languages, while younger kids love the musicality of the rhymes in English.

“Pleasure” clicks

Zanzibook books have an intrinsic range of reading comprehension levels enhanced by a flexible, interactive structure in which each click is carefully designed to generate fresh, new fun. The applications provide entertainment, learning, and satisfaction for every child, whether the reader is 3, 6, or 10!

Travel with Lulu & Zazou, because learning and having fun is for all ages!


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