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Lulu & Zazou are interactive stories with games that are seamlessly integrated into the tale. We know very well that those tablets belong to you, dear parents, and that they are precious objects. So we don’t suggest that your child breathe or blow on it, because that usually involves saliva droplets for young ones!  We don’t ask them to shake the tablet, or shout into the microphone... But that doesn’t mean our games aren’t perfect for playing on tablet!

Our experience has shown that children and their parents love games paired with stories, which is why each new volume in the Lulu & Zazou collection has Lulu games within it, to strike just the right balance. So while you’re getting ready for the fun, let us tell you what your young readers will be doing in our iPad kids’ applications:


Lulu and Zazou Games: Lulu in Australia


The boomerang game
The reader traces the boomerang’s path with a fingertip. Once the finger is off the screen, the boomerang flies in the path traced by the player. A fun and artistic game


Lulu and Zazou Games: Lulu in Polynesia

The Polynesian flower necklace
The child chooses the playing level. By moving the flowers on the necklace to assemble the puzzle, the reader learns the names of flowers.  A game of logic and observation


The Tahitian salad
The child prepares a Tahitian salad by sliding the ingredients into the bowl in the order given by Lulu. Game of focus and satisfaction

The Va’a race
On your mark, get set, go! The young player guides the canoe carrying Lulu and Zazou to take them over the finish line first. This entails the player simultaneously paddling from left to right and from right to left. A game of speed

Catching crabs
The child must whack the crab of the specified color. The task goes faster and faster and is more and more fun. Game of color recognition and speed



Lulu and Zazou Games: Lulu in the Amazon

The feather game
The child chooses one of the three levels available. He or she makes a feather headdress by clicking and dragging the right feathers to the right locations. Game of logic

The archery game
The child chooses Training mode to learn archery. Once the player reaches the expert level, he or she switches to Competition mode and aims at targets using as few arrows as possible.  Game of dexterity and concentration


Fishing game
With percussion in the background, the player must catch as many fish as possible…but be careful not to catch the red piranhas, or you might lose one of the three lives provided at the start of the game! The pace quickens as the game unfolds. A game of speed


If you’d like to see more Lulu games, you can download our iPad and iPhone children’s applications right now:


Great news! Our applications are smaller than 50Mb, and can be downloaded in 3G.
Have fun, and we’ll see you soon!

The Zanzibook team

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