Android app for kids: Lulu in the Amazon


What Android app should you choose for your child? We have one for you, and it’s one of the top android apps for kids on the market today!
Take a look right now at Lulu in the Amazon: an Android book with games for children aged 3 to 10.

Your child will embark on an adventure in the Brazilian Amazon and play five mini-games.
Every page is interactive and encourages readers to participate.
Entertaining, educational, fun, and funny, your child will be thrilled with the experience!

✭ Examples of games from our Android app for kids:

✓ With a rhythmic soundtrack in the background, the young player has one minute to catch as many fish as he or she can by dragging the net from right to left and left to right. Be careful not to catch the red piranhas!

✓ Children choose the appropriate playing level based on the game and their age.

✓ Can your child reproduce logical sequences?
That means he or she can make a beautiful Indian headdress for Zazou the Cat.


✓ Travelling the Amazon also means learning archery. How many arrows can your child shoot into the target?


✓ With the explorer’s map, every child can easily return to his or her favorite pages and games. Each image is clickable and takes young readers to an adventure, a song, a game, an activity, animation...

Convinced? Then check out all the games yourself right now!
Download the Lulu in the Amazon android app for kids on Google Play ou Amazon Apps :


Feel free to rate Lulu in the Amazon when you’re on the store website. It’s very helpful for parents who don’t know what Android application to download for their kids. Thank you!
Have fun!
The Zanzibook team

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